Solemn Chancel Ring, Fuchsia

Solemn Chancel Rings, make you look as noble as a Duchess.


When you order this item, you may please indicate your ordered size in the “Special Instruction” column. 1 US size to pick: #8 (for details, please visit Ring Size).

Product Code: R6004133R - 8
Crystal-Points Reward: 11
Other Color Tones:
Price: USD 114.00


Solemn Chancel Ring, Dark Indigo
USD 114.00

Ring - Drops Padparadscha & Pearls
USD 35.90

Necklace - Crystal Rivoli
USD 88.90

Necklace - Blossom Navettes 10, Blue Opal
USD 176.92

Earrings - Octagons, Golden Shadow
USD 44.90