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Product Declaration

About "Product Size" & “Product Weight”

Most of our items displayed in the webpage are of irregular shape, therefore their dimension are for reference only.  The dimension is usually measured on the longest, widest and highest point of the item, and the discrepancy would probably be less than 0.5 cm.  In addition, product weight displayed in the webpage is for reference only, while the discrepancy of product weight would probably be less than 10 grams.

About "Product Safety"

It’s always have to be cautious to use any kind of products, which is also applicable to the use of products and packaging of MALL RIVER.  For example, there are pins in our brooches, which may cause hurts to our customers.  Every kind of accidents may be occured, and we do not carry any liability claim for any injury or accident which is caused by our products and packaging.  MALL RIVER suggests that our products are suitable for ages over 12. 


About the word "CRYSTAL"

In different countries, there may have different interpretations about the ingredients of "Crystals", in which especially about the lead content percentage.  Meanwhile, in some countries, the word "Crystal" may only be applied to some kinds of gemstones, which may also create misunderstanding to MALL RIVER consumers.  MALL RIVER or its online-retails platform www.mallriver.com, is free of liability on such claims in any country.


About the word "Jewelry"

In some countries, there may have differentiation on definition about the word like jewelry, fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, fashion accessories, etc.  MALL RIVER or its online-retails platform
www.mallriver.com, is free of liability on such claims in any country.

About “Product Declaration” Presentation & Proof

We only select quality materials to create our products along our production. In veiw of the brand value and quality of the raw materials we used, which transferred and added to our finished products, we place very high emphasis on the raw materials selected.

By the same token, we definitely value our brand “MALL RIVER”, as well as our online-retails platform www.mallriver.com.  We believe that brand is always our key asset, while our brand and reputation in online-retails nowadays, does not come easily.  Therefore, we commit that all claims about the brand of raw materials we applied on our products, should be accurate and flawless.

However, subject to the consideration on business confidentiality, and also the complexity to describe all product details in words, we do not offer any proof of our purchase of the materials used in our products.  This also extends to their respective origins and materials sheets, etc.


Purchase Agreement

The goods and price information on
www.mallriver.com is subject to change without notice.  You will be charged the price displayed on our webpage at the time of your order, at your confirmation.  Meanwhile, by placing an order at www.mallriver.com, you confirm your unconditional acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

Copyrights & Trademarks

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Use of Information

This webpages should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation to sell in any country to any person to wom it is unlawful to make such an invitation or solicitation in such country.


MALL RIVER has no responsibility for materials or information created by third parties that www.mallriver.com has a link to.



MALL RIVER cannot distinguish the age of person who access and use our webpage, while there are different definitions of minors age in different countries.  If a minor has provided
www.mallriver.com with data without the consent of parent or guardian, the respective parent or guardian should contact our customer support at [email protected] to remove the relevant data.  We are not liable for the buying behavior of minors at our webpage.

Rights of Users Accounts Termination

MALL RIVER respects the rights (including the intellectual property rights) of others, and we ask our users to do the same.  MALL RIVER may, in appropriate circumstances and in its sole discretion, terminate the accounts of users or block their respective IP address, which infringe or violate such rights of others.

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